Every gambler has a secret dream at least once – to find out all the secrets of slot machines, to gain knowledge on how to beat any of them and hit the jackpot. But absolutely all manufacturers develop their slots on the principle of generating random numbers, set unique payout ratios in them and protect them as much as possible from hacking. So it is almost impossible to influence the outcome of the game. Despite all the protection measures, there are craftsmen who develop whole strategies and techniques on how to beat a slot machine. But these schemes very rarely bring results.

Are there any secrets to winning slot machines?

In fact, there are practically no secrets of how to win at slot machines. And those that are known are usually based on manufacturing glitches or flaws. They are called “Easter eggs” in slang. Some experts find use for such errors and use them as hints. For example, a stand-alone game engine may provide detailed information on the line bets relationship. That is, they reveal the secret of how much you need to bet on one line or another in order to get the maximum return.

But even such information cannot guarantee one hundred percent success. All slots work on the basis of a random number generator. Therefore, combinations are completely unpredictable. In addition, the developers are very careful in creating their machines, and rarely contain any secrets in them. So you shouldn’t count on an easy victory. The main secret has always been and remains the correct choice of a slot machine.

How to choose a slot machine to win?

There are many online casinos and entertainment portals on the Web that contain a variety of slots. All of them provide far unequal chances of winning. There are games in which it is quite difficult to win, and only a few succeed. And there are games with more generous payout policies. Outwardly, it is difficult to determine the winning slot or not. Therefore, in order to choose the right model, it is necessary to analyze the payout statistics.

Here is a list of the signs that give out a winning slot:

  • high percentage of return (RTP). The payout percentage in different models ranges from 90% to 98% (sometimes even above 98%). Of course, the higher the RTP, the more chances each player has of getting a big win;
  • high volatility (variance). In slots with high volatility, winning sequences appear much less frequently than in low volatility slots. But the reward in them is almost always several times greater than the amount at stake. Thus, the player receives a significant win;
  • high payout ratios. As a rule, the maximum winning amount exceeds the player’s initial bet by several hundred, or even thousands of times. It should be noted that in some models, the already calculated prize amounts may be indicated in the pay tables. They change along with the rate change. In any case, the player needs to understand how winnings are calculated.

Typically, the current line bet is multiplied by the appropriate combination odds. So, the larger the bet per spin, the more reward you can qualify for;
availability of special images. The presence of such symbols in the game significantly increases the chances of winning. “Wild” pictures complement the prize combinations, which lack pictures. Scatter symbols are not tied to paylines and, more often than not, multiply the total bet per spin. They also usually run free spins. Bonus icons start rounds in which you can also win without any investment.

Mathematical Methods to Improve the Chances of Success

You have to be careful here. When the gambling business was just in its infancy and took its first steps, cool mathematicians could win huge sums, but nowadays there are so many excellent mathematicians among slot developers that it is almost impossible to beat slot machines using digital combinations. All the best and most popular slot machines operate on a random number generator. Therefore, the use of any mathematical methods will not allow you to beat the developer. You won’t even be able to increase your chances of winning, so you need to think about other strategies.

There are very few real secrets of slot machines. There is only one main secret – it is unrealistic to predict what the prize will be and when it will fall out. To increase your chances of a successful outcome of the game, you need to choose the right machine and follow certain features of the game. A properly selected slot not only provides an interesting pastime, but also allows you to get good wins.